Meta Mice

Meta Mice is a supply chain solution that provides gaming accessories manufacturers access to distribution channels. We guarantee a timely, flexible, efficient delivery channel, hence a comprehensive and secure end-to-end supply chain solution. Our distribution solutions are scalable to support upcoming product launches in new markets, and our fulfillment practices brings the product closer to customers, enabling the supply chain to operate at maximum efficiency. We also act as a link between customers and manufacturers by collecting feedback that allows for localized marketing improvements and growth.


Our mission is to Innovate to provide the most value to our end customers by providing and delivering new and innovative gaming accessories from upcoming manufacturers to a diversified customer portfolio. We are committed to enhancing brand exposure in the product market and giving an edge in speedy delivery and efficiency while offering our clients the best prices.


To be the leading distributor of quality gaming accessories through a seamless process that exceeds our customers’ expectations by focusing on faster delivery, durability, convenience, and affordable prices.

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We can solve your international distribution problems too.

We've taken products from all across the world and got them advertised and distributed to international customers faster and more financially efficient than ever before. We can repeat our process with your products while fitting into your international business strategy.